Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just a quickie

This is just a quick post so that the blog knows I haven't totally forgotten about it.  I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted anything.  And worse, I can't believe I have nothing to show for that time.  I don't have photos of 15 recently knit shawls to show you, I haven't been on some exotic vacation & thankfully, I haven't been hospitalized.  Honestly, it's been a rather boring 10 days.

I have gotten a little knitting done in my time away.  I've finished a couple of cowls and am half way through a third.  I've read four books from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  Which frankly, is the main reason I don't have more knitting to show.   I don't have photos of the cowls yet because I haven't gotten off my butt to do the blocking.  Hopefully, that will be taken care of tomorrow.   I still don't have photos of the beaded shawl because the weather has been so bad.  It's either blindingly sunny or blowing rain & neither of those conditions allow me to take photos on my porch.  And since the inside of our house either has no natural light coming in the windows, has too much natural light coming in the windows, or has weirdly colored walls that don't look so good in photos...  I haven't had the opportunity to go into photography mode.  But again, maybe tomorrow....

I really need to buy/build myself a light box.  But....

Ugh.  Can you hear the whine in my voice?  Ick.

Meanwhile, and to get rid of the whine, I think I'll go have lunch with a good friend at a nice Mexican restaurant. Yum.

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