Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Charity knitting

Remember this?

It was a shawl to be donated to raise money for cancer research.  Notice the word "was."  The yarn loved pattern and both knitter & yarn were quite happy, but, (and there's always a but) I didn't begin to have enough  yarn.  I'd put the project down not long after starting it because it was becoming quite obvious that the finished piece would barely be big enough for a hamster, much less a human.

With heaviness of heart, I frogged it.  Yesterday, I finally picked it up again and cast on for a semi-circular shawl.  And I ripped and cast on, ripped & cast on, over and over and over again.  The yarn simply refused to behave.  Actually, I think I was jealous.  I was working on it in a few different social situations & I think the yarn may have been jealous that I was focusing more on talking than on knitting.

Last night, while quietly sitting alone, I frogged it one final time & started over.  And perfection!  Ok, I'm only about 10 rows into it, but so far, perfection.  I may have to admit to myself that this yarn has jealousy issues and will need a bit of special care.  It does seem to enjoy late night Buffy though, so all will most likely be well.

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