Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Beaded Bind-off

If this stupid migraine that I've been fighting for three days now will go away, or at least ease up a bit, I should be binding off the beaded shawl this evening.  Or at least starting the bind-off.  It may end up taking a few days.  In the last post, I was complaining that it took me an hour to bead the row that had 128 stitches.  I've gotten a lot faster at doing the beading, but still...  The bind-off row will have 1,024 stitches.  Yikes!  I'm also not sure I have enough beads.  I would bet you that I'll run out of beads within 3 or 4 inches of the finish line, except that either way, win or loose, I'm going to be short on beads.  Being short on beads is NOT going to help the headache.

I'm not bothering with photos of the progress I've made on the shawl because, really, it looks pretty much the same.  I've made some progress, but honestly, until it's blocked, it won't look like much.  I also haven't made all that much progress because I haven't been home to work on it.  It's been a rather social week.  Our homeschool bowling league started back up on Monday so that took up pretty much the whole day, Tuesday was spent at the mall with a friend.  And yesterday was spent eating too much and drinking lots of lots of coffee at a friend's house.

The trip to the mall was interesting and news worthy though.  Once a month or so, we meet at the mall and spend the day "exercising" by aimlessly wandering through the mall while our kids do what ever it is that teenaged girls do when they are at the mall.   This time however, the trip was a bit different.  The fire alarms kept going off, as in they went off probably 8 - 12 times while we were there.  The bell/warning signal would ring, lights would start flashing, there'd be an announcement asking everyone to please calmly go to the closest exit and evacuate the building.  Then the lights would stop blinking, alarms would stop ringing & all the shoppers would continue milling around in the mall.  It was very strange and surreal.

For now, I think I'll go grab my afternoon cup of coffee and a book & sit out on the porch and read a while.  It is gorgeous outside today!  The computer's thermometer says 60 degrees, but it has to be much warmer than that because we have all the windows open.  It's a beautiful, beautiful day and I should get out there and enjoy it while it lasts.

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