Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bead Crazy

I've been a bit obsessed with beaded knitting lately.  Long ago, I learned how to string a zillion beads onto your yarn and knit something beaded, but I never liked the finished product enough to bother stringing those zillion beads.  And Heaven forbid if you were doing a pattern with the beads.  That meant you had to count the zillion beads and if you messed up counting, your whole project was screwed.   SO not worth the effort or the outcome!  But recently one of my knitting group cronies showed me how to put the beads onto the individual stitches.  No pre-stringing the beads required.  It's such a simple technique!  Time consuming, but simple.

Anyway....  I've been putting a few beads on lots of things lately and over the weekend, I started a beaded lace shawl.

I may still be working on this bloody thing when I'm 90.  It's a simple half circle dropped stitch lace shawl with beads on every other stitch of the increase rows.  The last beaded row took me a solid hour to knit.  I am not looking forward to the next increase row where the stitches will double.  Or the one after that.  Maybe it will be a shawlette, not a shawl.

Meanwhile, I'm off to go work on the taxes.  We have high hopes of getting them done early this year.  Ok, stop laughing.  And yes, I know.  That's a pretty radical idea for us and it will never in a million years happen.  But it's fun to dream.

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