Saturday, January 7, 2012

Axel & I

I've always loved Guns & Roses and apparently, Axel & I have something in common.  As the words to Estranged go...

"When you're talkin to yourself
And nobody's home...."

I've often wondered if anyone out there reads this blog at all.  Am I really just talking to myself?  

Apparently so!  I had the big book give-away contest yesterday, but nobody entered.  How embarrassing!  But then, it's sort of a good thing.  I'll put the book back on the shelf & try again later, as in, if & when anyone actually starts reading this blog.  

But the best thing about nobody entering to win?  It's proven to me that nobody does read this.  Which, if I stop & think about it, means I can be more myself here because I really am just talking to myself.  I have to admit, I'm slightly hesitant to admit to all my stupid mistakes and lack of know how here.  I mean, I am trying to be slightly professional.  I am hoping that this blog might one day lead someone to my Etsy shop, Jeannie Gray Knits.  But trying to sound somewhat professional is pretty boring.  So from now on, it will just be the real me and all my real idiotic escapades.  Just thank your lucky stars you can't hear me singing the song that's now stuck in my head...

"When you're talking to yourself
And nobody's home...."

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