Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yum! Butter

I should probably apologize in advance for this post.  I can think of nothing, absolutely nothing, worth rambling on about, but, it's Day 5 of this 30 day adventure and I'm not quitting.  Yet.

There isn't a whole lot going on in my knitting life at the moment.  I spent yesterday frantically knitting mini Christmas stockings, then last night, I decided that my time would be better spent knitting more time consuming items.  I decided I'd be better off knowing that I had plenty of larger items ready for the holiday bazar.  I can always spend the last few days leading up to the bazar frantically knitting mini stockings.  But it would be silly to wait until the last minute to try to create the big stuff.

So, I pulled out about 40 different balls of yarn & almost as many needles.  I cast on about 38 different projects, then promptly frogged them all.  Apparently I wasn't feeling inspired & the yarn wasn't cooperating.  I finally gave in, ate a giant bowl of ice cream & went to bed.  This morning, I decided to make the second the yoga sock to match the one that's been hanging out in the UFO pile.   Huge progress was made while I chatted with the other moms at the bowling alley.

Speaking of bowling, it was a pretty good day for the youth league.  Zack's scores weren't anything to write home about, but they weren't shamefully bad either.  But his team mates....  One scored his first 700 series and another bowled his highest score to date.  Looks like those long, painful (for me) Friday night practices are working well.

Okay, lucky for you, I'm cutting this short.  The Darling Daughter is in the room watching Paula Deen cook something on TV.  I have no idea what she's cooking, but Paula's voice is making me hungry.

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