Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yoga Socks

Finally!  I finally finished the Lorna's Lace yoga socks in the Icehouse colorway.  They were started, well, I don't know how long ago.  Before I started this blog.  They've been on the UFO list since day one.  Why, I have no idea.  They were originally going to be regular socks but I got lazy & didn't feel like looking up the number of stitches needed to turn the heel.  I can never remember how many stitches I'm supposed to purl back after doing the first knitted decrease.  Anyway....  I got lazy and decided to avoid the heel altogether, thus, yoga socks.

Wow.  I can not believe how much trouble I'm having typing "yoga."  It keeps showing up on the screen as "youga."  Definitely says something about muscle memory.

So...  I finished the Icehouse yoga socks and started another pair using Paton's Kroy Socks FX in the Camelot colorway.  Camelot apparently means purple.

Both of pair are knit with a simple ribbed pattern.  Can't wait to knit a few more with cables &/or a bit of lace.  And since today is Daylight Savings day here in the USA, or more appropriately, the end of Daylight Savings, I was given an extra hour in my day.  Perhaps I'll get these finished tonight & start another pair tomorrow.  What are you doing with your extra hour?

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