Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Larry Potter

And so starts day one of my promise to myself to write daily for 30 days.

Wow.  There were a lot of days in that sentence.

On with the show....

I'm pretty excited.  I bought a mannequin off Craigslist yesterday.  I'm pretty excited for two reasons.  First, I've been dying to have a mannequin to use for Jeannie Gray Knits and secondly, I had a successful Craigslist experience and wasn't kidnapped or robbed.  This was the first time I've bought anything off Craigslist.  Previous experience has been solely related to looking for a job, and that experience has been horrible.  Out of 40 or 50 job applications/resume submissions I've made, only two were legitimate businesses looking to hire.  The rest were scammers that continue to call at all hours of the day & night or send me 100+ spam emails on a daily basis.

Needless to say, I was a little leery of going to some stranger's house.  But the seller had sounded very nice on the phone,  (don't all serial killers sound nice on the phone??) my husband had the address of where I was going and knew when I was going.  If he didn't hear back from me within 30 minutes, he was to call 911.  On top of that, my kids sat in the car with the address of where we were written down so they could easily read it to the cops and their cell phones were fully charged.  They had instructions to call 911 if I didn't stick my head back out the door within 10 minutes.

As it turned out, Seller Chick must have been just as leery of me as I was of her.  She had the mannequin in her car and we looked at it out in her driveway, in full view of her neighbors.  Neighbors that didn't seem to be home, but still.   And, since neither of us turned out to be a serial killer,

Ta da....

Meet Larry Potter, serial killer mannequin.  Ok, I'm not sure which is scarier.  A mannequin with a balloon Harry Potter head and movable arms, or the amount of stuff & junk piled up and visible in the photo.  Sheesh.

The photo of the mannequin by itself was too blurry to use and I'm too lazy to retake it.  As soon as I set the mannequin on the table, the kids jumped all over it and started having fun playing with it.  The result, Larry Potter.

The mannequin won't remain Larry Potter though.  I don't want to scare my Jeannie Gray Knits customers with my family's twisted sense of humor.  Plus, most of the time, Mannequin will be a girl.  Flat chested albeit, but a girl.  Mannequin needs a name.  Zack wants me to name it Frankenfurter since it will be a cross dresser.  Sarah votes for Pat.  My friend Kate, over at Heritage and Family,  has recommended Jezebel.   I was considering Mrs. Bates because Mannequin will most likely live in front of a dormer window, but Mrs. Bates might actually be worse than Larry Potter.  I also considered Carrie since that's the seller chick's name, but Carrie undeniably brings to mind fire and bad prom dates.  Neither of which would make for a good advertising ploy.  Got any good suggestions?  Mannequin needs a name!

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