Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Space of My Own

I've been busy, but apparently, not busy knitting.

High speed internet finally found it's way to our little slice of rural Virginia and we immediately signed up. There was a bit of a waiting period because all 500 other houses in our little slice of the world also signed up.  At the same time.  The arrival of high speed internet was such big news, the county had a town meeting so everyone could learn about it and get on the waiting list.

Yesterday was Installation Day.  Needless to say, the family was a tad bit excited.  I got no more than two hours sleep the night before, my husband took the entire day off from work to stay home & Google & watch TV (a gazillion channels comes with the internet package) and my daughter, who normally sleeps until 2 p.m., woke cheerfully around 8:30 a.m.  Meanwhile, Zack sat at the window so that he'd be the first to shout, "They're here!"

I can't wait to see how quickly this blog post posts.  It used to be, I could hit "Publish Post" then go hit the bathroom and the coffee pot and when I'd return to the computer, it would still be swirling the post into public existence.   That is, if the computer hadn't thought it had been abandoned and shut itself down prior to the post actually being posted.

You'd think that I have been busy Googling, but no.  What I've actually been busy with is rearranging my craft space.  I wish I'd taken "before" pictures, although I'd never have had the nerve to post them.  You'd have reported me to Hoarders Anonymous.  Because rather than a craft space, it was more like a huge gigantic pile of junk in the corner.  And my craft stuff was under the pile.  The pile made me quite uncomfortable and sucked every ounce of creativity out of my system so I'd moved my favorite 'spot to park my butt' to another room.  Which meant I'd started a whole new pile.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the Internet Guy had to get to the phone line and the only incoming phone jack we have in our entire house happened to be under and behind my huge gigantic craft junk pile.  Things had to be moved.  So I took the opportunity to rearrange.

Ok, it may not look like much and it may take the term Shabby Chick to the extreme, but I'm happy.  I have a desk, granted, it's so tiny I have to set the laptop on a pulled out drawer to type, but I have a desk.  My family's crap is not spread out all over my desk and it never will be.   As I sit at my desk, I'm surrounded by craft supplies.  None of the knitting stuff shows up in the picture, but the books are shelved off to the left and the yarn is behind me.  As soon as I get a brighter bulb for the lamp so I can see with the lamp shade on, I'll be super happy.  And once I get a bulletin board, I'll be in heaven.

So you now know where to find me.  In my corner, watching on-line videos while knitting.


  1. How fast DID your blog post???

    And I think your little corner of the world looks tidy and inviting!