Monday, October 3, 2011

Loving the pink

I have no idea why I drug my feet for so long on getting started on Kate's shawl.  It's been a joy to knit and I'm almost done with it.  Another evening, maybe two, of TV time and it will be finished.  And I'm still loving the yarn's pink color.  Actually, I'm a bit upset that I don't have more left over.  For once, I did a pretty good job of estimating how much the project would require.

On a different note....  Hubby surprised me yesterday and willingly offered to take me to the Montpelier Fiber Festival.  Hubby doesn't normally willingly volunteer for anything fiber related.  It was a beautiful day for the festival.  Cloudy and cold.  Actually, it was in the upper 50's, but considering it was 90 degrees two days before, the 50's felt pretty dang cold.  It was perfect weather for petting fiber and dreaming of creative opportunities.  And of course, the sheep dog trials were fun to watch.  They always make me a little edgy though.  Jealous is probably a better word.  We can't even seem to teach our dogs to sit, yet those dogs were out there herding multiple sheep between caution cones & separating them by color/breed.  Sheesh.

Well, I'd like to say I'm off to finish up Kate's shawl and teach our dogs to sit but no.  I'm off to the bowling alley.  I'm a little nervous.  I started a homeschool bowling league this year and the bowling alley is allowing us to host a free bowling party today in an attempt to attract more team members.  The invitation has gone out to 800 families.  Either no one will show, or it will be a complete and total mob scene.  I'm not sure which I'm hoping for.

Since I took no photos of the sheep dogs, here's a picture of our dogs' idea of sitting.

Sitting on the furniture, of course.

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