Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Icy Lace

The Sunset Mittens are finished and are awaiting a photography session so that they can go into my Etsy shop.  They'll be waiting a while.  I found my camera, along with my phone, both with dead batteries, at the bottom of my purse.  The photos need to be taken outdoors to avoid indoor shadows and since we are supposed to get a couple of inches of rain today....   Hopefully I'll be able to sneak in a quick photo session between cloud bursts.  In the mean time, I should put building a light box onto my to-do list.

Wow, that's a very small picture.

In an effort to ignore the fact that I still need to frog & reknit Kate's shawl, I started a new shawl using Patons Lace in the Porcelain colorway.  I started it a few days ago and have been knitting obsessively on it.  I'm not sure why I bought the yarn in the first place.  Balled, it's not all that impressive, just as it's not in that teeny-tiny photo.  The colorway is blues and white and frankly, balled, it looks a bit dingy.  In the store, it sort of reminded me of faded blue jeans if I squinted my eyes just right.  But once I started knitting a lacy pattern with it, it turned into icy crystals.  It's beautiful and I think I'm going to be very pleased with the finished project.  The problem is going to be wanting to keep it for myself.  It was supposed to go into my Etsy shop.  I'm having that problem a lot lately.

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