Monday, October 24, 2011

All a Twitter

I have slammed myself head first into the 21st century it seems.  First real, high-speed internet (which I still haven't figured out if it's high speed, highspeed, or high-speed) and now I've gone & signed up on Twitter. I'd love to have you follow me - I can be found at JGKnits, but I don't promise I'll be taking you far.  The bowling alley is about as far as I go these days.  Also, it seems that the moment I gained the ability to share my wit & wisdom in 140 characters or less, all wit & wisdom immediately left the building.  I suddenly have nothing to say.  I'm sure I'll think of something though.  Eventually.

In the mean time, I've been busy knitting.  Can't show you what because I seem to have lost my camera.  It has to be here in the house though, or, and this one terrifies me, but it may be out in the yard somewhere.  I was taking pictures out there the other day.  But those pictures have been loaded into the computer so the camera had to have come back inside with me.  But did I take it out again?  I just can't remember.

I'm suddenly a nervous wreck about my knitting.  I filled out the application to participate in a holiday bazar this December.  The first few minutes after dropping it into the mail box were full of excitement and hope.  Then reality struck.  OMG!  I've got to get busy knitting so I have something to sell.  OMG, I'll need a table cloth.  OMG, I'll need shopping bags to put people's purchases in.  OMG, what if I buy a bunch of shopping bags then don't sell anything?  OMG!  I'm going to have to listen to people make snide comments about my knitting.  That's one terrific thing about selling on Etsy - you don't hear people saying mean, horrible things about the items you lovingly slaved over.  You can pretend that everyone who sees your work oohs & aahs over it and the only reason they didn't immediately buy it was because they fainted from the item's sheer beauty.  And of course, there's the final & most dreaded OMG, what will I wear?

And then there's the concern about my hair.  What if my hair is pumpkin orange, which it very well may be by December.  I dyed it for the first time ever the other night.  Last Wednesday, to be specific.  It turned out great.  Slightly darker and just slightly redder than my natural color, but 99.9% of the gray was gone and that's what I was aiming for.  But, and there always seems to be a but.  Each time I wash it, it seems to get slightly redder.  Except it's not really red, it's orange.  I'm still at a very brown stage of orange, but I can just picture my big, gigantic pumpkin head by December.  Aack!

Speaking of washing my hair....  I'm coming up on 2 months without using shampoo.  I can't remember when I stopped using it, it was late August or early September.  My hair was doing SO much better before the dye job.  It was getting shiny, and not oil slick shiny, but healthy shiny.  It was curling so much more, but in a controlled, ringlet way, not in my normal frizzy, triangle head way.  Even the top was curling and the top never curled before.  The dye job totally straightened my hair for a few days, then it returned to it's old, frizzy state.  Today, it's obviously on the mend, but still pretty frizzy.  Granted, a trim would help. It has been over a year.  But the point is, my hair is SO much healthier since I stopped washing it with shampoo.  If I ever find my camera, I'll post pictures.

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