Thursday, September 15, 2011

Think Pink

Because my On the Needles list wasn't long enough, I started a pair of mittens today.

The color is not showing up well at all.  Could be because it's dark outside and a few of the bulbs in our chandelier are burned out & since no one has bothered to replace them, it's almost as dark inside.  The yarn is Cascade 220 Paints and is a dark shell pink and purple.  I'm extremely happy with the striping, or lack of striping, I should say.  The mitten is not turning out stripey at all, neither are the colors pooling.  I sure hope the second mitten has the same luck.

The mitten is knit in plain stockinette.  I expected it to have lots of stripes so I didn't think a pattern of any sort would work well.  Even without a pattern, I think the mix of colors works on it's own.  I hope others think so too because these will most likely end up in the Etsy shop.

Here's a very bad photo of half a mitten on my hand:

And yes, our couch is a hideous olive green.  It's old and faded.  It used to be a pretty hunter green.  But still, a green couch?  What were we thinking?

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