Friday, September 30, 2011

The things we do for our friends...

October 1st was my self imposed deadline for starting a Civil War shawl for my friend Kate.  I decided to start it early.  I finished up several projects yesterday and had nothing else in the works that could possibly be finished by tomorrow.  I decided, what the heck.  Live dangerously.  Start early.

And so I did.  Despite feelng my Confederate ancestor, General Johnston, glaring down at me from his portrait on the wall while I knit a shawl for a Yankee soldier's wife, I'm enjoying the project so far.  I'm knitting it from a Civil War era pattern and other than the fact that the terminology, including instructional terms, yarn weight and yardage are totally different from today's terminology, it's an easy pattern both to follow and knit.  In fact, it borders on mindless knitting.  Which means it's not only a good TV knitting project, it's also good travel knitting.  Which means, it should go pretty fast.

And I am LOVING the color.  It's pink.  A heathered pink.  I'm not normally a big fan of pink, but this particular yarn has caught my attention.  In fact, Kate will be lucky to receive this shawl because I keep thinking of all the other wonderful things I could do with this yarn instead.  But Kate is a dear friend and I will make this shawl for her no matter what.  No matter how badly I'd like to use the yarn for something else.  And even if she is a dammed Yankee.


Sorry.  No pictures until after she's received it.  She knows she's getting it, but she doesn't know exactly what it's going to look like.  I've decided to keep that a secret just so she gets to be a tiny bit surprised when she receives it.   Instead, here's a picture of Max getting caught howling at a bird in the yard.

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