Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a week!

First we had the earthquake and now a hurricane.  Hurricane Irene is baring down on us here on the East Coast.  At the moment, here in Virginia, we are experiencing the calm before the storm but I imagine things will change drastically over the next several hours.  But that's fine.  We have food & water, I have library books and Kindle books, I have three storm related DVD's to watch (love to scare my self silly!) plus the three Twilight movies if I get desperate.  And knitting.  I have plenty of knitting.

Actually, I have a little too much knitting.  I thought I'd learned my lesson a few years ago and had learned to have only two projects going on at a time, an At Home/Needs Concentration project and a On The Go/Social project.  But lately, I've reverted back to my old ways.  Since opening my Etsy shop, I've been thinking more about design ideas and what others may want, not just knitting for me.  Unfortunately, I keep coming up with more and more fun ideas and I can't control myself - I immediately go off on a tangent & start working on them.  I've also been busy knitting for our local visitor's center because they asked to put some of my hand knit items in their gift shop.   More projects on the needles!  I seem to be knitting one row a day on 80 different projects.  I'm feeling torn and guilty for ignoring the things I don't get to.  Knitting projects hate to be ignored!

The solution?  I plan to spend this hurricane knitting.  First, I'll watch my storm related DVD's (while the power is still on) and knit like a mad woman.  Later tonight, when the worst of the storm is here and we most likely won't have power, I'll knit by the light of the Kindle while I listen to it read to me.  Or maybe I'll just use the light and listen to the power of the storm.  But I imagine that by midnight, when the worst of the storm is due to arrive, I'll be pretty sick of hearing the wind blow.   Then after the storm, when we have to spend a few days without electricity, I plan to continue to knit.  After all, I won't be able to do laundry, run the dishwasher or vacuum.  May as well knit, right?  Of course, someone will need to clean up the downed trees and what ever damage we sustain, put all the furniture & plants back out on the deck, put gas in the generator, move the generator from the refrigerator to the air conditioner to the septic pump and back to the refrigerator again, but isn't that why I have a husband and kids?  Let them do it.  I have knitting to do!

Happy storm survival fellow East Coasters!

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