Saturday, July 16, 2011


Welcome to my knitting life.  I have another blog, We Are The People, that was supposed to be about my life & family but it was getting heavier and heavier with knitting content.  I decided to make my life just a bit more complicated and have two blogs.  This one for rambling on about knitting and the other for its original intended purpose.  I hope you'll visit with me here often and if you want to know more about my family, my attempts at running, or what kinds of disasters I've recently had in the kitchen, please check out We Are The People.

As for my knitting life, I'm currently focusing on two projects.  The first is a never ending lace Pi shawl.

Doesn't look like much, does it?  I finally started the bind off border last night.  You'd think that would mean that I'm almost finished, but there are an awful lot of stitches to bind off.  576 to be exact, and since each of those bind off stitches includes 12 other border stitches...  It's going to take a while.  But actually, the binding off is going faster than I expected.  It just seems like it's taking so long because I'm beyond ready to be done with this project.  I'd gotten 40 - 80 rows into it twice and frogged it both times before I started knitting this final version.  And I'm going blind knitting it.  The yarn is like sewing thread.  But I really like the finished product.  So far, at least.  I think it's going to have the perfect drape, be super thin and light weight, yet warm.  We will soon see.  I hope.

The second project I'm working on is a Summer Mystery shawlette from Wendy Knits in the Garnet colorway from Tanis Fiber Arts.  This is my third time knitting this pattern and I think this one will be my favorite.  And the yarn - I Love the yarn!  I wrote about it in my other blog, but that description didn't do the yarn justice.  I had just finished knitting a shawlette using Blue Stocking, a particularly soft & smooshy yarn.  In comparison, the Tanis yarn wasn't anywhere near as smooshy and I wasn't loving it for the first few rows, but I quickly changed my mind.  I am now loving the yarn and loving the color.  I want to order about 80 more skeins of it.  Of course, I want to order one of every other color it comes in too.  But before I buy more yarn, I need to finish this piece.  And before I finish this, I am bound (no pun intended) and determined to finish the Pi shawl.

So, I'm off to bind off some more.  Happy knitting!

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