Saturday, February 6, 2016

I crack myself up

Most of the time I refuse to join the band wagon & knit That pattern that everyone else is knitting.  Or at least I refuse to knit it while it's popular.  I may knit That pattern a year or two after all the hoop-la has died down, but I rarely like doing what everyone else is doing.

10 stitch by Frankie Brown
Round 10 Stitch Blanket

But the popular 10 Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown has been calling my name.  The blanket comes in several different styles, all of which are free on Ravelry.  There's the round one, pictured above.  There's a zigzag one and the rectangle one.

10 stitch blanket
10 Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown

Everybody is knitting the rectangle.  Everybody!  And for once, I wanted to join in the fun.  Except, I'm still not to the half way point on my mitered square blanket.  The mitered squares are knit with scrap, left over yarns and my 10 Stitch Blanket would be as well.

And the thing that was holding me back from starting my own 10 Stitch rectangle blanket was...  What if I run out of yarn?  I would be knitting two blankets, both made with scrap, left over yarns.  What if I don' have enough?  What if I run out?

I really do crack myself up sometimes.

So I went ahead and cast on my 10 stitches and started knitting.

OTN 021616 10 stitch blanket with mistakes
Something's amiss

It was fairly obvious fairly soon that something was amiss.  I decided that I just didn't know what the beginning was supposed to look like and knit through another episode of Buffy.  By then, there was no getting around it.  Somehow, I'd missed a corner on the very first round.  I hoped I could just knit a random corner into it and maybe it would be okay.  It wasn't okay, but I thought I could knit a flower or crochet a granny square or something to sew over top of the center.  That would surely fix it.  I kept knitting.

Sometimes, I crack myself up.

Eventually, Spike left Sunnydale and I had to face reality.  It was about as likely that I could cover up that goof as it was that Spike had left Sunnydale to come find me.

10 stitch blanket on the needles
OTN 02/06/16 10 Stitch Blanket

A bit of frogging and yet another episode of Buffy later and I'm on my way to having a nice, flat 10 Stitch blanket.  And so far, I'm no where near close to running out of yarn.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fascinating Friday

Fascinating Friday is not all that fascinating this week.  I knew I was in a rut, but good grief!  My big, exciting thing this week was cold brewed coffee.

Cold brewed coffee from Barnes & Noble and Buffy Tthe Vampire Slayer reruns
Cold brewed coffee and Buffy

Coffee at Barnes & Noble was the best I could do.  I literally did nothing else exciting or new this past week.  The cold brewed coffee was a new experience for me though and it's an experience I'm likely to repeat.  It's delicious!

And yes, I'm watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns.  Again.  I started watching the show for the 1,003rd time back during the big snow storm and once I made it to Season 2 and Spike's appearance, well, I'll be watching through the grand finale at the end of Season 7.

And, while we were at Barnes & Noble, Sarah found a copy of The Physics of The Buffyverse.

The physics of the Buffyverse by jennifer ouellette
So of course, I bought it.  So really, that's two new things this week.  I am smoking this Fascinating Friday thing!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Under Pressure

"Pressure, pushing down on me..."

Yeah.  I have Under Pressure stuck in my head.

I took (and passed) my work required drug test last weekend which means The Season starts soon.    I go this weekend for training and once that's done, they'll give me my schedule.  Normally, I don't start working until the first weekend in March but my job offer said my start date is Feb. 7th, which happens to be training day.  And all of that was a very long, drawn out way of saying that I may not have another free weekend until November.

No more weekends until November??


Under Pressure!

I'm suddenly feeling the deep dark need Need to knit all ALL the things.  I'm a little freaked out about how many things I want to knit before I go back to work.  Okay, not "a little freaked."  I'm feeling more like, seriously under pressure to get all the projects that are too difficult and/or bulky to knit at work.  If I don't knit them now, they won't get knit until November.

And since I'm in total panic mode, I'm being my typical self and doing nothing.  I'm just sitting here, hour after hour, staring at my computer screen and knitting bag but not actually touching either one.

I really need a new song to sing.  Something more like this one.

Okay, so now that I'm not worrying...

I can talk calmly about knitting.  I finished one of my polygamy knitting projects.  It turned out fairly well considering I didn't have a pattern and was knitting it based on my very shaky memory of a hat I'd knit for my daughter some 16 years ago.

As for the other polygamy projects, I haven't even picked up the Hitchhiker scarf since last week.  The other hat is another inch or two longer and the mitered square blanket has four or five more squares.  Like I said, not much knitting is getting done these days.  I'm just way too busy doing my totally panicked stone statue routine to knit.

And I have to say, Bob Marley isn't really helping this time.  Got a suggestion for a better song for me to sing?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January in Review

January was more productive than I'd realized.  I knit lots of mini wallets, some with keychains attached.

knitted wallet, tea tote, gift card holder
Pink Keychain Wallet

It's amazing how much I can fit into one of those little pouches.

mini wallets & tea totes for sale at
Keychain wallets & tea totes

I finished the Marigold socks.

hand knit socks for me.
Marigold Socks

And I knit five hats.

knit hat with octopus button
Octopus Hat

ladies knit hat with whale button
Whale Hat

womens knit hat with snowflake rhinestone
Red Snowflake Hat

charcoal gray hat with snowflake button
Charcoal Gray Snowflake Hat

knit slouchy wool ski hat
Slouchy Hat

Not too shabby.  I'd say I put a fair sized dent in the knitting to-do list this month.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Knitting Polygamy

It's hard to make much visual progress when you practice knitting polygamy.

knitted cabled hat, hat with cable brim,
Cabled brimmed Hat

The new design for a cable brimmed hat is coming along, albeit slowly.  The cabled band has been knit, stitches have been picked up and I'm working on the crown.

Hitchhiker scarf and 2 hats being hand knit

The green, Stroll Tweed watch cap is another inch or so of ribbing further along and the Hitchhiker has 16 teeth and two not very noticeable errors.  One error is extremely minor - one tooth has an extra garter rib in it.  The other error is only noticeable when the teeth lay pointed to the left.  For reasons unknown, I switched from garter stitch to stockinette stitch for about 15 stitches in the center of a row, way back near the beginning.  As long as the teeth point to the right, you can't see the mistake at all and I'm okay with that.

knitted mitered square afghan blanket knit with sock yarn

And the mitered square afghan has quite a few more squares now.

Mentally, I'm struggling with having all these projects going at once.  Normally, I prefer to have only a Current Project and a simple, Stockinette in the Round project on the needles at one time.  I like to keep a simple stockinette project handy to work on while reading or in-the-dark movie watching, while the Current Project is the 'real' thing I'm knitting at the moment.  Last week's blizzard caused a bit of cabin fever, I'm afraid, and the result was a few too many projects going at once.  And now, I'm caught in that 'I can't decide which to work on' trap.  I'd like to finish the hats so I can list them in my Etsy shop, I want the Hitchhiker done so that I can wear it this season, and I want to work on the mitered squares afghan because it's fun, colorful and I'm using up scraps.  The result of that indecision is that I've been logging way more time playing computer solitaire than I have been knitting.

Ugh!  Knitting Polygamy.  It's a knitter's worst nightmare.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Fascinating Friday

So, I'm sure you're aware that the East Coast got some snow recently.  While the rest of the East Coast population were making intricate snow sculptures,

photo by

and creative sculptures,

photo by

photo by

and funny sculptures,

photo by

photo from facebook, no name assigned to it

and expressive sculptures,

photo by

I was out making my first snowman in 30+ years.

I obviously need practice.  I wasn't trying for the phallic symbol look.  I think I should probably stick to knitting.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Autumn in Alta

Well, this post is loooooong over due!

hand knit poncho
Autumn in Alta Poncho

I'm finally getting around to showing you my Autumn in Alta Poncho.

wool poncho hand knit
Autumn in Alta Poncho

I finished knitting it back in mid October but didn't get around to blocking it until the week before Christmas.  There's nothing like the excitement of having a huge, giant brown poncho spread out over your dining room table the week before Christmas, let me tell you.

hand knit wool poncho knit with worsted Wool of the Andes wool
Autumn in Alta Poncho

I'd put off taking pictures of it because (a) it was 79 degrees at Christmas and just way too hot for modeling a heavy, wool poncho and (b) I sort of hated the finished piece.  Right after blocking, I'd tried it on and looked in the mirror and immediately decided I looked like a huge giant Hershey Kiss and would never be seen in public wearing the poncho.  I liked the pattern and I liked the wool I used.  Honestly, I think the tweedy brown is a good color for me.  But the combination of the poncho's shape and my body shape....  Well, Huge, giant Hershey Kiss.

But, part of the whole Fascinating Fridays 'thing' is me getting out of my rut, me getting over things like my Hershey Kiss shaped body and getting on with life & living.  And part of life and living was modeling my Autumn in Alta poncho.  Modeling it for the camera and showing you the outcome.

As it turned out, I don't mind the photos.  I don't think I look quite as much like a huge, giant Hershey Kiss as I thought I did.  Granted, you aren't seeing the pictures where I look like I'm about 18 months pregnant, pregnant with triplets.  But I'm okay with the pictures I'm showing you.

As for the poncho itself, the pattern was well written and it was a super easy knit.  Beginners would have no trouble with this project.  Experienced knitters might find that much solid color stockinette somewhat tedious, but that tediousness made it the perfect 'knit while I read or watch TV in the dark' project.  And if you're curious, I used Wool of the Andes in Lava Heather and #7 & #9 needles.